About Me

Hi!   My name is Diana and I am an artist who loves beauty and simplicity in all its forms.  

My Philosophy

I used to be an oil painter before I started using my digital “easels” (my tablets) and all the specific graphical painting applications. I enjoy using those digital tools. I have basically transferred my traditional painting techniques into this digital world.

I believe that nature is the best artist ever. I found beauty in all the landscapes, or all the tiny or almost imperceptible things that I could find around me. The beauties of a thought, or, of a simple smile, the magic of a sunset, the sound of the waves.., are my inspiration and my complicit silence guides.

Loving to Create

17 years ago I have been graduated from College of Art. But, I am an economist too I’ve been graduated from Economic Academy. After all I could say I am an artist.
I also believe that colors could be our magic way in life. My vision in these abstract designs reflects my appealing for contrast, harmony, dynamism, and smile.
I am also inspired by travels, trees, architecture, landscapes and all the beauty in every single thing. I feel that colors could adjust our emotional nature.

I am all about being creative. My main areas of interest are graphic design and photography.

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Diana Popescu

Website Manager, Digital Artist, Web Designer

Winning Digital Art Competitions

I love the art of: Michelangelo Buonarroti, Salvador Dali, Rembrandt van Rijn and Vincent Van Gogh, these are the artists who have inspired me.
My long-standing interest in art transformed into an activity over 20 years ago. My passion for art is strong. In fact, I cannot imagine a day going by without spending time with my “digital easels”, creating, designing, and trying new techniques. I have spent countless hours working to develop my skills. I have been interested in art ever since I can remember. It gives me satisfaction, the power to move on and also inspire others.